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The Skippack Karate Martial Arts School and AmeriKick Training Center

Welcome. The Skippack Karate Martial Arts School and AmeriKick Training Center practices AmeriKick Karate, American Kempo and Muay Thai. We are centrally located in Skippack (Map), PA.

The training Center is a unique martial arts school that is well established in the region.

We invite you to browse through this website and if you have any questions, call us, or just stop in and sit in on a class.

Respect, Responsibility, and Focus. The Skippack Karate Martial Arts School and AmeriKick Training Center is committed to excellence!

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Member Experience

At the Skippack Karate Martial Arts School and AmeriKick Training Center,  we work with every member to ensure that our training is in keeping with the commitment and goals of our students.  Our goal is to make our students martial arts training an experience that springboards them into a life long commitment to the mastery of the art. We invite [...]


Atillo Balintawak Seminar

What is Atillo Balintawak? Balintawak was established in 1952 not only by Anciong Bacon, Delfin Lopez, and Inting Atillo. There were also others who were involved in its establishment. Ising Atillo was an original member of that organization as well; he was the youngest member at the age of 14. Velez, Villasin, and Buot became members much later. [...]

The five classical animal fighting styles of Kempo

The ‘classical’ and ‘non-classical’ animal styles are all complete fighting styles based upon the movement and character of animals familiar to the Shaolin monks.  Each animal embodies a particular range of strategies; a well-rounded fighter is assumed to be familiar with all the animals, so as to be well-equipped to choose strategies appropriate for different [...]

Physical, Psychological, And Spiritual Benefits of Martial Arts Classes

People have a number of different reasons which motivate them to enroll into martial arts classes. Some enroll in order to learn self-defense. Others do so in order to enjoy focused physical activity without the inconvenient scheduling and interaction associated with team sports. Still others find the classes psychologically and spiritually rewarding. In this article, [...]

Finding the Right Martial Arts School

By Tenna Perry In 1966, a short-lived television series, The Green Hornet, gave birth to the fascination of martial arts by the American public. The show wasn’t known for its wonderfully written scripts but for the character Kato who went on to become a martial arts icon. The actor’s name was Bruce Lee. Lee’s life was [...]